iii files appeal in front of the Bundesgerichtshof for the "Video disply adjustment and on-screen menu system" licensing program

    Luxembourg - July 9, 2012 - iiinnovation S.A. filed today appeal in front of the Bundesgerichtshof

    The Bundespatentgericht decleared the German counterpart of the EP 0 817 158 invalid in February 2012. iiinnovation is now appealing this decision in front of the German Federal Supreme Court: the Bundesgerichtshof.

    Mattia Fogliacco, Managing Director of iiinnovation, commented the news as follows:

    "Back in February,when the Bundespatentgericht decided to nullify the German counterpart of the EP 0 817 158, we were frustrated and we couldn't understand the grounds on which the patent was deemed invalid. We have been waiting almost five months to receive the wirtten decision. Now that we have been able to analyze with care the reasoning of the Bundespatentgericht, we are convinced more than ever that the decision if flawed. We have been then appealing the decision in front of the Bundesgerichtshof.

    We are convinced that a revision of the decision by the Bundesgerichtshof will establish once and for all the validity of the EP 0 817 158 its granted form.

    However, flawed decision by the Bundespatentgericht, especially if such decisions are made at the end of the lifetime of a patent, have significant consequences on the corresponding licensing programs. We urge the Bundespatentgericht to gather a better understanding of the cases before issuing decisions that are likely to be inverted in last instance."

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