iii takes action against Dell

    Luxembourg - August 26, 2011 - today iiinnovation S.A. filed a patent infringement action against Dell GmbH

    iiinnovation S.A. has filed a further complaint with the Hamburg District Court, alleging that Dell GmbH infringes the EP 0 543 089 and the EP 0 817 158 in virtually all of its monitors

    “Since about two years we have a successful intellectual property licensing program, and the patents involved in this case, relating to innovations in the display user interface, have been licensed by many others. Realizing the lack of willingness to reach a reasonable business agreement, we have no choice but filing a legal complaint to protect our innovation and our partners who license them. Other companies making use of our patents have a valid license, we are asking Dell to do the same” said Mattia Fogliacco, Managing Director at iiinnovation.

    Mr. Fogliacco continued saying:

    "Our latest formal complaint filing means we now have 7 infringement actions pending, whereas the licensees under the patents are already a double digit number, including many industry leaders among them. iiinnovation is one of the fastest growing intermediaries in the Markets for Technology."

    Mr. Fogliacco concluded saying:

    “We feel a responsibility towards our licensees and partners as well as towards our shareholders to safeguard our investments in innovation. We cannot tolerate companies refusing to move to lawful use of our technologies.”

    About iii

    iiinnovation S.A. (iii) is one of the fastest growing intermediaries in the Markets for Technology. By focusing on intellect, ideas and innovation, iii is realizing the value of IP assets. iii finances, engineers and manages licensing programs that better serve the needs of the actors in the Markets for Technology. For more information about iii, please visit .

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