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d. The iii Patents

The video card is typically responsible for displaying images on a monitor, with the exception of the OSD, which is rather generated by the MultiSync-Monitor itself. This means that the monitor must comprise means for generating the visual representation of the On Screen Display.

The two EPC Patents No. 0 543 089 B2 and No. 0 817 158 B1 cover MultiSync-Monitors that use OSD and that comprise means for generating a visual representation of the On Screen Display, wherein the size of the visual representation is kept substantially the same across different frequency modes.

For example, Fig. 2 below illustrates how the resolution of the signal that is send from a video card to a MultiSync-Montitor is switched back and forth between 1024x768 pel and 800x600 pel. This switching, however, does not result in a proportional change in the size of the on-screen menu displayed on the screen.

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Fig. 2: MultiSync-Monitor with on-screen menu.

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