Licensing programs

The licensing programs currently active and the description of the technologies offered for license by iii are provided here:

Video disply adjustment and on-screen menu system

EP0543089 and EP0817158

These Patents cover a technology for On Screen Display (OSD) used in computer monitors -flat screen as well as cathode ray tube [CRT] monitors-, enabling to mantain the size of the OSD substantially constant across different horizontal frequencies (resolutions). Thanks to the advancements in display technology, the mass production of high resolution displays has been made possible. This technology became foundamental for implementing user friendly controls on modern monitors. The EPC Patent No. 0 543 089 B2 covers the use of the technology in CRT monitors, whereas the EPC Patent No. 0 817 158 B1 extends the technology use also to flat panel monitors, such as LCD and plasma monitors.

The technical background as well as a more detailed description of the OSD technology licensed by iii are provided here.

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