iii takes action against Samsung

    Luxembourg - July 19, 2011 - today iiinnovation S.A. filed a patent infringement action against Samsung

    iiinnovation, a company active in the Markets for Technology, announced today that it has filed suit for patent infringement against Samsung Electronic GmbH. The lawsuit, filed in the Hamburg District Court, alleges that Samsung’s Computer Monitors and TVs able to be operated as Computer Monitors infringe two European Patents managed by iiinnovation: the EP 0 543 089 and the EP 0 817 158.

    iii issued the following statement from Mattia Fogliacco, Managing Director of iiinnovation:

    "Our patented technology is enabling easy, intuitive and hassle free adjustment of display parameters. This is a great benefit for users of Computer Monitors and TVs."

    Mr. Fogliacco continued saying:

    “We are not interested in disrupting the availability of products commercialized by third parties willing to make use of this innovative technology: we just want to preserve its lawful use. We have been lengthy discussing with Samsung about reasonable conditions to access a valid license. Samsung has been interrupting our negotiation with no warning, but filing directly two nullity actions. We have been deeply regretting to learn about Samsung’s decision and we are now left with no options but to enforce our rights. This action will also serve the purpose to underline that iiinnovation is not tolerating any unlawful use of patents owned or licensed by our company.”

    About iii

    iiinnovation S.A. (iii) is one of the fastest growing intermediaries in the Markets for Technology. By focusing on intellect, ideas and innovation, iii is realizing the value of IP assets. iii finances, engineers and manages licensing programs that better serve the needs of the actors in the Markets for Technology. For more information about iii, please visit .

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