iii takes action against Viewsonic

    Luxembourg - Oct. 18, 2010 - iiinnovation S.A. today filed a patent infringement action against Viewsonic.

    iiinnovation (iii) today announced that a complaint with the Mannheim District Court has been filed asserting that Viewsonic's monitors infringe iii patents - file number 2 O 195/10 -. The patents in suit are the German parts of EP 0 543 089 and EP 0 817 158.

    iii issued the following statement from Mattia Fogliacco, Managing Director of iiinnovation:

    "Our primary interest is to make our technology available for lawful use. We are not interested in disrupting the availability of important products such as computer monitors. However, also in the interest of licensees under the patents who have provided compensation for our patents, we cannot tolerate when other market players like Viewsonic try to benefit from using our technology, but for free. Fairness is here at stake. Those companies using iiinnovation's technology need to compensate iii for the use.

    Viewsonic has been rejecting our attempts to resolve this case before recurring to the Mannheim court. No substantial answer has been provided after several attempts to contact them. Therefore, we have no choice but to defend our rights with this action. We'll keep having the same rigor in the future." Fogliacco said.

    "This lawsuit is necessary to protect our investment in innovation." he added.

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